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High-Quality Soap Flower Box from Trusted Factory

Combo Box Set

High-Quality Soap Flower Box from Trusted Factory

Product Feature:
● Highly simulated colors and natural forms
● Waterproof and colorless
● Materials for real touch
● High quality and factory price

Factory Feature:
● 25 years + production experience
● The factory has 318 employee
● 168 automatic machine
● The daily output is 200,000pcs
● 10 million Sock

    Product features

    Decorative: Soap flower boxes usually have an exquisite appearance and design that can add to the decorative feel of a room. 

    Practicality: In addition to the decorative function, the soap in the soap flower box can be used for bathing or hand washing, and has cleaning and skin care functions. 

    Giftability: Soap flower boxes are often used as gifts and are suitable as gifts for festivals, birthdays or other occasions. 

    Aroma: Soap usually carries aroma, and the soap flower box will release the aroma in the space, creating a comfortable atmosphere. 


    A soap flower box is usually a decorative flower box containing delicate flower-shaped soaps inside. They are usually presented in exquisite packaging and are both artistic and practical products.

    Elevate Your Décor with Our High-Fidelity Soap Flower BoxExperience the beauty of nature in your everyday surroundings with our high-quality soap flower box collection. Using natural simulation technology, our flowers retain their vibrant colors without fading, and are both waterproof and sun-proof. The lifelike feel of the petals makes it hard to distinguish them from real plants, perfect for interior and exterior decorations. Our soap flower boxes require no additional care or maintenance, making them a practical and stunning addition to any environment.

    Unleash the Fragrance of Nature with Our Soap Flower BoxStep into a world of elegance and practicality with our high-fidelity soap flower box. As a leading manufacturer of artificial flowers for over 25 years, we are committed to delivering superior products that exude quality and luxury. Our soap flower boxes utilize natural simulation technology, ensuring that their colors remain vibrant and lustrous, and can withstand sunlight, rain, and daily touch without losing their charm. Transform any space with the natural ambiance created by our fragrant and maintenance-free soap flower boxes.

    Exquisite Design Meets Practicality in Our Soap Flower BoxIndulge in the exquisite beauty of our high-quality soap flower box, designed to bring the tranquility of nature into your surroundings. Our products are meticulously crafted using natural simulation technology to maintain their vivid colors and endure the elements without sacrificing their allure. Whether enhancing an outdoor landscape or complementing interior décor, our soap flower box offers a practical and elegant solution without the need for additional care or maintenance. Elevate your space with the timeless charm of our fragrant soap flower box.

    Create a Natural Atmosphere with Our Soap Flower Box CollectionDiscover the perfect balance of high fidelity and practicality with our soap flower box collection. With 25 years of expertise in manufacturing artificial flowers, we bring you a range of high-quality products that capture the essence of real plants. Our soap flower boxes boast natural simulation technology, ensuring their colorfastness and resilience to sun and water exposure. Whether adorning outdoor environments or enhancing interior aesthetics, our fragrant soap flower box effortlessly elevates any space with its lifelike appeal and hassle-free maintenance.

    Embrace Timeless Elegance with Our Soap Flower Box SelectionExperience the allure of nature with our high-fidelity soap flower box designed to enrich any setting with its effortless charm. Crafted using natural simulation technology, our soap flower boxes maintain their vibrant colors and resist the impact of sunlight, rain, and daily handling. As a manufacturer with a deep-rooted heritage in artificial flowers, we offer ODM and OEM services to provide tailored designs and free samples. Elevate your surroundings with the enduring fragrance and practicality of our high-quality soap flower box.


    Article No. Product name Material Altitude Packing rate Carton specification CBM weight
    Jan-97 Pink Round Soap Flower Box Silk 6.37in/16.2CM 30/PC 52*35*44CM 0.08 300g
    Feb-97 Red Round Soap Flower Box Silk 6.37in/16.2CM 30/PC 52*35*44CM 0.08 300g
    Jan-98 Pink Heart Soap Flower Box Silk 7.08im/18CM 18/PC 66*40*42/CM 0.101 450g
    Feb-98 Red Heart Soap Flower Box Silk 7.08im/18CM 18/PC 66*40*42/CM 0.101 450g


    High-Quality Soap Flower Box from Trusted Factory01nbn


    High-Quality Soap Flower Box from Trusted Factory02mi8


    High-Quality Soap Flower Box from Trusted Factory03u9o


    High-Quality Soap Flower Box from Trusted Factory05r24












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