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Factory Supplier of High-Quality Phalaenopsis Artificial Flower


Factory Supplier of High-Quality Phalaenopsis Artificial Flower

    Product features

    High Realism: The artificial flowers are made of high-quality materials, look similar to real Phalaenopsis orchids, feel comfortable to touch, and look very realistic. 

    No maintenance required: No need for watering, pruning or fertilizing, it can maintain its beautiful appearance for a long time, suitable for those who do not have the time or skills to care for real plants. 

    Various choices: Phalaenopsis artificial flowers are available in a variety of colors and sizes, suitable for different decoration styles and needs. 

    Interior Decoration: Can be used for interior decoration in offices, homes or commercial places to add a natural, stylish aesthetic to the space. 

    Long-lasting and durable: Compared with real flowers, Phalaenopsis artificial flowers have a longer service life and will not wither. These characteristics make Phalaenopsis artificial flowers one of the popular interior decoration choices.


    An exquisite and lifelike artificial plant that may be utilized to adorn interior spaces, such as homes, workplaces, or commercial spaces, is the phalaenopsis artificial flower. Made of premium materials, this fake bloom has the same look and feel as a real phalaenopsis without requiring laborious upkeep. It adds a touch of organic beauty to your area without needing ongoing upkeep. You can select this type of artificial flower based on your tastes and ornamental requirements because it is typically offered in a range of colors and sizes.

    The magnificent Butterfly Orchid Bonsai will transform your living area. With its brilliant colors that never fade and its perfect waterproofness, this lifelike masterpiece is made from premium material tape employing natural simulation technology. Its genuine look and long-lasting nature make it ideal for both outdoor and interior décor, subtly bringing a hint of nature into any setting. This lotion delivers long-lasting, hassle-free beauty without the need for upkeep.

    Elevate your environment with the superior, sun- and waterproof-resistant Butterfly Orchid imitation flower. It gives any place a hint of elegance by imitating the organic texture and appearance of actual plants. This product produces a compelling natural ambience that is unaffected by sunlight, rain, or regular handling, whether it is used for indoor or outdoor landscaping. It's a long-lasting and practical option with exceptional durability and no maintenance needs.

    Presenting the Butterfly Orchid, an incredibly lifelike and long-lasting artificial flower. Its superior material tape and natural simulation technology prevent fading and preserve its brilliant colors, guaranteeing a long-lasting, waterproof finish. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments, this product subtly adds character to any space while withstanding weather and needing no additional maintenance.

    Experience the convenience and beauty of the Butterfly Orchid Bonsai. Made with premium material tape and natural simulation technology, it is fully waterproof and exhibits vibrant, fade-resistant colors. This realistic flower radiates a natural beauty that is unaffected by sunlight, rain, or regular handling, whether it is used for home décor or outside landscapes. Its low-maintenance design makes it the ideal option for hassle-free, long-lasting beauty.

    Discover the Butterfly Orchid Simulation Flower's inherent charm. It has a waterproof finish, a high degree of detailing, and is made using premium material tape. Because of its realistic look and ability to hold color, it can be used to decorate outdoor environments by blending in with natural surroundings or bringing a bit of the outdoors inside. Withstanding sunlight, precipitation, and regular use, this low-maintenance item ensures long-lasting elegance and functionality.


    Article No. Product name Material Altitude Packing rate Carton specification CBM weight
    8048 Short branch 9 flowers 5 fruit tape cloth phalaenopsis Rubber Fabric 16.7in/42.5CM 12PC/144PC 131*61*43CM 0.344 70g
    8049 Long branch 9 flowers 5 fruit tape cloth phalaenopsis Rubber Fabric 18.1in/46CM 12/PC/96PC 105*57*58CM 0.347 111g
    8305 New 4 flowers Phalaenopsis Rubber Fabric 20in/51CM 24/pc/288pc 137.5*49*43.5 0.293 31g
    8396 6 Flowers Phalaenopsis Rubber Fabric 35.8in/91CM 24/pc/288pc 137.5*49*43.5 0.293 50g


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    Phalaenopsis artificial flower0229n
    Phalaenopsis artificial flower03onl
    Phalaenopsis artificial flower04qwa
    Phalaenopsis artificial flower058f7
    Phalaenopsis artificial flower0687n
    Phalaenopsis artificial flower079fd
    Phalaenopsis artificial flower101a8v
    Phalaenopsis artificial flower102hq9
    Phalaenopsis artificial flower103u1t
    Phalaenopsis artificial flower10406j
    Phalaenopsis artificial flower105rnc
    Phalaenopsis artificial flower106qah
    Phalaenopsis artificial flower107fys
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    2021-07-21 165913yy0
    2021-07-21 1659127zj
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    2022-01-02 0916353bv
    2022-01-02 091638kfb
    2023-05-10 171120xrc
    2023-05-10 171159rn6
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