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High-Quality PVC Bonsai Supplier


High-Quality PVC Bonsai Supplier

Product Feature:
● Highly simulated colors and natural forms
● Waterproof and colorless
● Materials for real touch
● High quality and factory price

Factory Feature:
● 25 years + production experience
● The factory has 318 employee
● 168 automatic machine
● The daily output is 200,000pcs
● 10 million Sock


    Simulated snowdrop bonsai is an artificial bonsai with a very realistic appearance. It is usually handmade by professional designers using simulated plants and fine craftsmanship. This bonsai adds a natural beauty to both indoor and outdoor environments by simulating the natural landscape, showing off the beauty of snowdrop flowers and the environment without requiring much time and effort to maintain. Whether you are looking for a low-maintenance, high-ornamental plant arrangement or want to create a refreshing atmosphere in your office or home, artificial snowdrop bonsai is an ideal choice.

    The artificial snow lotus bonsai is a decoration that uses artificial snow lotus plants as the main elements to create a landscape similar to the natural snow lotus bonsai.

    Product features

    Realistic artificial plants: The artificial snow lotus plants are carefully crafted to have a realistic and lifelike appearance, which can convey the natural beauty of snow lotus bonsai. 

    Durable and does not require daily care: Simulated snow lotus bonsai will not wither and wither, nor does it require regular watering or pruning. It does not require special daily care and is very easy to care and maintain. 

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use: Simulated snow lotus bonsai is suitable for placement in indoor and outdoor environments such as homes, offices, and commercial places to add natural elements and beauty to the space. 

    Can be customized as needed: According to personal preferences and decoration needs, simulated snow lotus bonsai of different sizes, shapes, and styles can be customized to meet diverse decoration requirements. 

    Cost saving: Compared with real snow lotus bonsai, simulated snow lotus bonsai does not require regular replacement, care and maintenance, and can maintain its beauty for a long time, saving daily costs and time. 

    In general, simulated snow lotus bonsai has realistic appearance, convenient maintenance, wide range of applicable scenarios and customization characteristics, and is a popular indoor and outdoor decoration element.


    Elevate Your Space with the Artificial Snow Lotus BonsaiExperience the beauty of nature without the hassle of maintenance with our high-quality artificial snow lotus bonsai. 

    Made with durable, waterproof, and sun-proof materials, this product retains its vibrant colors and natural texture, providing a lifelike appearance that feels just like the real thing. Perfect for both outdoor landscaping and interior decoration, it effortlessly brings a touch of natural elegance to any environment without the need for constant care or maintenance. Explore a practical and long-lasting solution for enhancing your surroundings today.

    Transform Your Décor with Our Stunning Artificial Snow Lotus BonsaiIntroducing our exquisite artificial snow lotus bonsai, crafted using advanced natural simulation technology to ensure color retention and durability. Elevate your exterior or interior spaces with this waterproof and sun-proof masterpiece that exudes the charm of real plants. Enjoy the natural beauty and texture without worrying about the impact of sunlight, rain, or daily handling. With no additional care or maintenance required, this product offers both practicality and enduring allure, making it an exceptional choice for enhancing any setting.

    Unleash the Beauty of Nature with Our Artificial Snow Lotus BonsaiDiscover the artistry of our artificial snow lotus bonsai, meticulously designed to replicate the authentic beauty and feel of real plants.

    Whether adorning outdoor landscapes or enriching interior décor, this product effortlessly creates a natural ambience. Its waterproof and colorfast properties ensure that it remains unspoiled by the elements, while the detachable feature adds to its versatility. Embrace the convenience and lasting appeal of this low-maintenance, high-quality bonsai for a touch of nature's splendor in any setting.Showcase Timeless Elegance with Our Artificial Snow Lotus BonsaiIndulge in the allure of our artificial snow lotus bonsai, a symbol of enduring elegance and unparalleled quality. With its natural simulation technology, this product maintains its vibrant colors and lifelike texture, providing a touch of authenticity to any environment. Its waterproof and sun-proof attributes ensure that it remains pristine regardless of the weather or daily interactions. Perfect for adorning outdoor landscapes and interior spaces, this detachable PVC creation requires no additional care or maintenance, making it an exceptional choice for both aesthetic appeal and practicality.Elevate Your Design with Our Exceptional Artificial Snow Lotus BonsaiUnleash the potential of your decor with our exceptional artificial snow lotus bonsai, manufactured using 25 years of expertise in artificial flower production. Boasting unparalleled quality and natural aesthetics, this product is ideal for exterior environment decoration, infusing both outdoor and indoor spaces with a sense of organic tranquility. Its waterproof, colorfast, and detachable features ensure that it remains pristine and lifelike under all conditions, eliminating the need for constant care or maintenance. Embrace the convenience and beauty of this PVC masterpiece for a timeless and effortless design upgrade.


    Article No. Product name Material Altitude Packing rate Carton specification CBM Weight
    2063 Plant pot with 2 flowers and 2 leaves PVC 9in/23CM 12PC/144PC 176g




    Simulation Snow Lotus 2063 (1)5iz
    Simulation Snow Lotus 2063 (2)5ai
    Simulation Snow Lotus 2063 (3)u9b
    Simulation Snow Lotus 2063 (4)qb0
    Simulation Snow Lotus 2063 (5)sie
    Simulation Snow Lotus 2063 (6)z4i
    Simulation Snow Lotus 2063 (7)nse
    Simulation Snow Lotus 2063 (8)utt

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