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Premium PVC Simulated Pineapple, Factory-Made High Quality


Premium PVC Simulated Pineapple, Factory-Made High Quality

    Product features

    Realistic Appearance: Simulated pineapples often have a realistic appearance, including shape, color, and texture, making it difficult to tell the difference between real and fake. 

    Durability: Generally made from durable materials such as plastic or silk, they can maintain a good appearance for a long time without requiring much maintenance. 

    Versatility: It can be placed as a decoration in a home or office space, or used in commercial environments. 

    Easy to clean: Unlike real pineapples, which require cutting and cleaning, simulated pineapples only need regular wiping to keep them clean. 

    Environmental protection: Compared with real pineapples, simulated pineapples will not rot or produce organic waste, so they are more environmentally friendly to a certain extent. These characteristics make simulated pineapples a popular decorative and commercial item.


    Simulated pineapples typically have a realistic appearance, including the shape, color, and texture of the pineapple, making it look like a real pineapple. They are usually made from high-quality plastic or silk materials and are carefully designed and crafted to have a realistic look and feel. Simulated pineapples can be used as decorations in homes or office spaces to add a tropical feel and greenery. Additionally, simulated pineapples require no special care and maintenance, making them a convenient decorative option.

    Enhance your exterior decor with our high-quality simulated pineapple made from durable PVC. With its waterproof and colorfast features, this lifelike replica will withstand sun, rain, and daily wear without losing its natural appeal. Our 25 years of experience in artificial flower manufacturing ensure that you receive a product of uncompromising quality. Whether for outdoor landscapes or interior design, our simulated pineapple is the perfect choice for creating a vibrant, natural atmosphere with minimal maintenance.

    Unleash the beauty of nature in your surroundings with our simulated pineapple, meticulously crafted using natural simulation technology. This PVC-based product boasts waterproof and colorfast properties, guaranteeing long-lasting vibrancy in any environment. With its high simulation and durability, it feels just like a real plant and requires no extra care or maintenance. Trust our expertise as a leading artificial flower manufacturer for over two decades to bring you the highest quality simulated pineapple for your exterior decor needs.

    Experience the perfect fusion of aesthetics and durability with our simulated pineapple, meticulously crafted from PVC for long-lasting resilience. Its colorfast and waterproof features ensure that it remains vibrant and natural in any setting, be it rain or shine. As a reputable manufacturer with 25 years of experience in artificial flower production, we provide ODM and OEM services, along with free product designs and samples. Elevate your outdoor landscape or interior decor with our high-quality simulated pineapple, bringing you the beauty of nature without the need for constant maintenance.

    Transform your surroundings with the authentic charm of our simulated pineapple, engineered from PVC for unrivaled durability and high simulation. With its waterproof and colorfast properties, this lifelike replica resists the elements, making it ideal for exterior decoration in both residential and commercial spaces. Our years of expertise in artificial flower manufacturing guarantee a product that feels natural to the touch and requires no additional care or maintenance. Let our simulated pineapple create a natural, inviting atmosphere in any environment.

    Introducing our premium simulated pineapple, expertly crafted from durable PVC with waterproof and colorfast features, ensuring its longevity and natural appeal in any outdoor or indoor setting. As a trusted manufacturer of artificial flowers for over 25 years, we offer ODM and OEM services, along with free product designs and samples. Our simulated pineapple requires minimal maintenance and is designed to withstand sunlight, rain, and daily contact, making it a practical and visually stunning choice for enhancing your exterior landscape or interior decor.


    Article No. Product name Material Altitude Packing rate Carton specification CBM weight
    6075 Large Pineapple PVc 10.6in/27CM 24/PC 72*48*27CM 0.093 432g
    6037 Medium Pineapple pvc 9.4in/24CM 24/PC 65*42*25CM 0.068 290g
    6083 Small Pineapple PVC 8.2in/21CM 24/PC 65*42*23CM 0.063 207g


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