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Manufacturing High-Quality Banyan Tree: Waterproof, Detachable


Manufacturing High-Quality Banyan Tree: Waterproof, Detachable


    The artificial fiddle leaf ficus tree is a synthetic plant commonly used in interior decoration and landscape design. These simulated plants use high-quality plastic or silk materials and are carefully designed and crafted to show a realistic plant appearance, including the shape, color, and texture of the leaves. Simulated artificial fiddle leaf ficus trees are usually waterproof and dustproof, easy to clean and maintain, and do not require daily maintenance and irrigation. They provide a low-maintenance, long-lasting decorative solution suitable for a variety of indoor environments such as offices, shopping malls, hotels and homes. Available in different sizes and styles, these artificial plants can be customized according to decorative needs, adding natural greenery and beauty to indoor spaces.

    The simulated artificial fiddle leaf ficus tree is an indoor decorative plant with a realistic appearance and texture.

    Product features

    Realistic appearance: The simulated artificial fiddle leaf banyan tree has been carefully designed and produced. The shape, texture and color of the leaves are very similar to the real banyan tree, giving people a natural feeling. 

    Low maintenance: Compared with real banyan trees, artificial fiddle leaf fig trees do not require lighting, watering or pruning, greatly reducing the maintenance burden. 

    Strong durability: Using high-quality materials and production processes, the simulated artificial fiddle leaf ficus tree has a long service life and is not easily affected by seasonal changes or indoor environment. 

    Customizable sizes and styles: Simulated artificial fiddle leaf ficus trees of different sizes and styles can be customized according to customer needs to meet the decoration needs of different occasions and spaces. 

    Environmentally friendly and healthy: Made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials, no chemicals are needed for maintenance, and there is no pollution to indoor air quality. Taken together, the simulated artificial fiddle leaf ficus tree is a beautiful, low-maintenance, durable, environmentally friendly and healthy interior decoration choice.


    Elevate your surroundings with our meticulously designed simulated lyre leaf banyan tree, a shining example of our 25 years of expertise in artificial flower manufacturing. Crafted from high-quality, waterproof plastic material, this detachable beauty boasts natural simulation technology that prevents color fading, making it ideal for exterior environment decoration. The lifelike feel mimics a real plant, offering the perfect touch for outdoor landscape designs or interior decoration. Withstanding sunlight, rain, and daily touch, this simulated tree maintains its beauty and texture without the need for additional care or maintenance, presenting a practical and elegant choice for any space.


    Article No. Product name Material Altitude Packing rate Carton specification CBM weight
    5173 180CM disassembly (73 "Lyre leaf banyan tree) Plastic 73in/185CM 1/PC 110*19*19CM 0.004 3800g
    5182 120CM disassembly (47.2 inch lyre leaf banyan tree) Plastic 47.2in/120CM 1/PC 70*17*17CM 0.02 2500g
    5183 160CM disassembly (62.99 inch Lyre leaf Banyan tree) Plastic 62.99in/160CM 1/PC 100*19*19CM 0.036 3000g


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    Manufacturing High-Quality Banyan Tree157wz


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    Manufacturing High-Quality Banyan Tree18bxv


    Manufacturing High-Quality Banyan Tree19s5x



    Manufacturing High-Quality Banyan Tree1019lo
    Manufacturing High-Quality Banyan Tree102h1z
    Manufacturing High-Quality Banyan Tree1035ne

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