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Bright Colors Scary Clown Mask for Halloween - OEM Available

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Bright Colors Scary Clown Mask for Halloween - OEM Available

    Product features

    Product features of scary clown masks typically include: Exaggerated features: Facial features such as mouth, eyes, and nose are often exaggerated to create an eerie and scary effect. 

    Terrifying Appearance: Masks are often designed to have an unsettling and frightening appearance, often with a twisted smile and irregular lines. Bright colors: Bright and exaggerated colors, such as red, white and black, are often used to highlight the scary effect of the mask. Associated with a specific scene: Often associated with specific scenes such as horror movies, Halloween celebrations, and scary shows to create a spooky atmosphere. 

    Suggest terror and unease: Horror clown masks are often designed to imply terror and uneasiness in order to grab the audience's attention and induce an emotion of fear. Together, these features create the unique aura of the scary clown mask, making it popular for specific occasions.


    A scary clown mask is usually a mask with exaggerated and grotesque facial features and a twisted smile, usually giving it a scary and unsettling appearance. Often associated with horror films, Halloween celebrations, and scary shows, this mask represents an image of terror and spookiness. Bright and exaggerated colors, such as red, white and black, as well as deformed features and exaggerated smiles are often used to create a terrifying effect. These masks are often used to create an entertaining horror atmosphere while also inducing feelings of fear and unease in the audience.
    Unleash the Fear with Our Exaggerated Scary Clown MaskStep up your costume game with our frighteningly lifelike Scary Clown Mask. With bright colors and fabric material, this mask is sure to send shivers down spines. Whether you're gearing up for Halloween or a themed event, our mask is the ultimate choice for horror enthusiasts.
    Dare to Stand Out with Our Exaggerated Scary Clown MaskMake a bold statement with our spine-chilling Scary Clown Mask. Crafted with attention to detail, this mask features bright and intense colors that are guaranteed to draw attention. The high-quality fabric material ensures a comfortable fit while maintaining the mask's scary allure.
    Elevate Your Costume with Our Exaggerated Scary Clown MaskReady to take your costume to the next level? Our Scary Clown Mask is designed to make a lasting impression. Its exaggerated features and vivid colors will give you a menacing edge, perfect for Halloween or theatrical performances. Made with durable fabric material, this mask is built to last through the most terrifying of experiences.
    Unleash Your Dark Side with Our Exaggerated Scary Clown MaskTransform into a terrifying spectacle with our Scary Clown Mask. The exaggerated features and vibrant colors are bound to leave an unforgettable impression. Crafted from high-quality fabric, this mask ensures both a comfortable fit and a bone-chilling appearance for any frightening occasion.


    Embrace the Horror with Our Exaggerated Scary Clown MaskReady to incite terror? Our Scary Clown Mask features exaggerated, hair-raising details and strikingly bright colors, making it an essential component for any spine-chilling ensemble. The fabric material ensures a quality feel and durability, ensuring that you remain the focal point of fear for years to come.


    Article No. Product name Material Altitude Packing rate Carton specification CBM weight
    5148 Scary Clown Mask PE 27.6in/70cm 50/PC 95*50*70CM 0.333 179g


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    Timeless Beauty03rpe


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    Timeless Beauty01v5u
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    Timeless Beauty05g7y

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